Creation is a specific state of mind, manifestation of internal deep xperience, feelings and emotions; it also comprises all those qualities that make your blood move faster and your heart beat more rapidly, the qualities, that make you move towards the goal and bring your desires to reality...

February 3, 2013 R.Ivasechko

R. Ivasechko was born on January 8, 1984 in Smykivtsi, Ternopil region, Ukraine. In 1999 he graduated from Ternopil Art School majoring in fine arts, and in 2007 graduated from Ivan Pulyui Ternopil State Technical University.

Since 2003 he has been professionally engaged in woodcarving. Recently he has been pursuing creation, restoration and design of sacred art elements...

In his life sacred art gave an impetus to further development and implementation of his fantasies, passions and experiences which appeared to be beyond religious themes. The other consequence was that his sphere of activity has spread over the creation of exclusive art items for various purposes and usage.

The art works are carried out in the classical style of Western Europe, tending to follow baroque, neo-baroque and gothic epochs... Nevertheless his inspiration and free thinking sometimes causes the appearance of other - more contemporary - works.

Roman Ivasechko is a regular participant of annual exhibitions both in his country and in many countries of Europe. In 2012 his art work "The Concept of Annunciation" took the first place at the VI International Contemporary Art Exhibition "Ukrainian Art Week", that was also marked by the participation of contemporary Italian artists.

One can talk a lot about the very essence of art, but let us consider the famous Austrian conductor Matthias Georg Kendlingers words: "Art has no borders and does not divide people into nations. You can communicate with the help of your creations and make masterpieces combining the traditions of several cultures..."I would add for myself that not only cultures, but also epochs and centuries ... Art is going to exist until the end of human existence, changing itself and gaining new forms of development.

3/02/2013 R.Ivasechko

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